Wings 2014 Wings is coming soon! We hope that everyone involved will enjoy themselves at KSC and that they will be encouraged to take up sailing after the event.
Just by way of reminder there will be no sailing for KSC members during the period 4th to 8th August inclusive during the day - you’re welcome to sail after 18:00 hours though and Wednesday evening racing is unaffected.
There’s no formal programme on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd August as the Wings crew will be setting up but if you want to sail with no safety cover and are prepared to pick your way through whatever is going on then you can do so.
We’re back to normal for the weekend of 9th and 10th.

KSC Junior Team sails at Maidenhead
Well done to Natasha, Mary, Russell, Daniel, Seb and Mark who did KSC proud in the 2014 Thames Challenge held at Maidenhead SC on 28th June.
Up against stiff competition from teams that obviously race together on a regular basis and despite being well-placed both times races were abandoned as lightning flashed around the lake they did a great job for KSC. Congratulations and keep sailing so we can improve next time.

Weed Cutting
Steve the weedcutter tells me that he has cut and removed about 70 tonnes of the rotten stuff! Sailing should be much easier now - please note though that there is plenty of it left (clearing all of it would have taken around 10 days) so you still need to be careful..... click here to have a look at the boat that did the cutting

Bart’s Bash

The big day is fast approaching, now you’ve had the date in your diary for some time so what do you do next?
If you haven’t registered yet do it now. Here’s a link to the page where you can set yourself up Bart’s Bash Create an account page
Just follow the instructions there and that’s it, you’re in!
Don’t forget to visit our Bart’s Bash page to find out more

Get out on the water - come sailing with us!

Kingsmead is a safe, fun and friendly place to sail and is open to new members so if you’d like to try sailing please get in touch, we’d love to get you out on the water.

We’ve got options from tasters to full courses, just click here to find out more

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