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Weed and Water

We have had reports from the landlord's manager of suspicious pellets being present in the lake.

There is a fear that they might be an unapproved weed control measure but their composition or purpose is not actually known and neither is it known how they came to be there.

As we love clean unadulterated water (for many reasons but not least in case we get an unexpected mouthful of the stuff) we are pleased to report that tests on the quality of the water show no cause for concern so we can continue to capsize, as needed, safe in that knowledge!

As you know, Kingsmead is committed to responsible, safe and legal management of the environment in and around the lake.

In particular we do not carry out weed control without informing our landlord who was fully aware and supportive of our last programme of work, the mechanical cutting and removal undertaken on our behalf last year by

The committee is of the view that the only approved chemical solution of which it is aware (essentially food dye) is not a viable proposition for us.

It does work well for some clubs with enclosed water but our lake is directly linked to a lake of at least equal size which would make such treatment prohibitively expensive requiring a vastly bigger "dose" than our sailing water alone would need to be effective.

Of course, this would apply equally to any chemical treatment that might be available.

Whilst no one is suggesting that Kingsmead is in any way responsible for the presence of the pellets mentioned above we always do our best to preserve our environment and would therefore remind members that they are not to take any self-help measures of weed control without approval from the committee.

Regrettably we would have to consider serious sanctions against any member carrying out unapproved work.

We ask you to obtain approval of any private scheme for weed removal as, although excessive weed is a nuisance to all users of the lake:

  • we need to check that it is sensible and complies with our policy of management, and
  • we must always be mindful of the fact that we share our lake with other users and need to ensure that they are properly notified and not avoidably inconvenienced.

We are aware that the fishermen are frequently adding things to the water, for example, ground bait by various (and sometimes surprising to the non-fisherman) methods. So a few handfuls of something going in is probably innocent but several bucket loads or larger quantities may not be.

Bearing this in mind we would ask all members to be vigilant for suspicious activity and report it to a member of the committee as soon as you can giving as many details as possible.

In this way we can do our bit and work with our landlord to keep the lake in great condition for all its users and help the club adhere to its policy of responsible, safe and legal management of the environment in and around the lake.

Comet Combined Open - Saturday 30th May

It was a great day, thanks to all concerned for making it happen.

If you'd like to read more about it and see the full results, just click here.

Solo Open - Results!

We had a fantastic evening celebrating Xmas on Saturday 10th January 2015 in Russian style - It really was a good way to lift the spirits (mainly Vodka on that score) in the early new year. Thanks to Irina, Alexey and all the other helpers and performers.

We were served a really sumptuous Xmas dinner after some exciting racing on 14th December. It was great to see the clubhouse packed and to see some old friends too. A big vote of thanks to Chris and Rob and their team of helpers.

Scenes from our Russian Christmas celebration
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